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Enrollment Step-by-Step

From application to graduation, the WVU Marketing Communications staff, faculty and network is there to support you in every step of your journey to reaching your goals.

Application Process

To apply to the Data Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing Communications or Integrated Marketing Communications program at WVU Reed College of Media, use the Online WVU Graduate Application for Admission. Upon acceptance to the program, you will receive an acceptance letter via email and mail. Once you receive the letter, inform us of your intent on beginning the program.

Our enrollment coaches, Breanne Ford and Wes Burks, are here to answer all of your questions about our programs and the application process. Find what program fits your desired career path, learn more about our curriculum and all of the benefits of becoming part of the WVU marketing communications network during one of our online or in-person info sessions.

    You’ve received your Acceptance Letter. Congratulations! Now what?

    Welcome to the Mountaineer Community! First, you will need to make sure you have submitted any missing information and let the program know your intent to start.

    Claim WVU Account

    Once you receive your WVU ID number, you can claim your account to set up your MIX email and DUO Authentication.

    Path to Financial Aid

    The WVU Financial Aid Office will work with you to access federal student loans to assist with the costs of your master’s degree education. You can contact the WVU Financial Aid Office at 304-293-5242 or

    Register for Classes and Meet Your Advisor

    Our Online Student Success Advisor, who can be reached at (304) 293-8683, is here to assist you during your time in our programs .


    Students are automatically enrolled in the Marketing Communications Orientation course on eCampus. Students will need to login using their WVU credentials to access this course. Once logged into eCampus, students will see the Orientation listed under “My Courses.” Click on the “Marketing Communications Orientation” course to access the modules. Once a student completes all required modules, they will be awarded 10 bonus points in their introduction course at the end of the first week of classes.

    Immerse Yourself in the Mountaineer Community!

    Follow us on our social media platforms @wvuimc to stay up to date with the latest happenings. And be sure to follow WVU on social media platforms @WestVirginiaU.

    Billing and Insurance Processing

    Bills will be posted in STAR and accessible from WVU Portal. View the Student Accounts site for updated payment deadlines.

    Also, if you have health insurance, be sure to follow WVU's process for waiving the University's health insurance charge.

    Familiarize Yourself with WVU Systems

    Understanding the WVU Systems is an important step toward success in the online programs. Explore Portal, Star, eCampus and your mix email to make sure you can access everything.

    Start Strong and Finish Even Stronger – Tips for Success as an Online Students

    Welcome to the Mountaineer family! We want you to be successful, and we are here to help. Follow these tips for a strong start to finish stronger.

    Tour WVU

    As an online student, you’re also a member of this incredible University and a global community of Mountaineers. Take the time to tour everything WVU has to offer.