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Be a Mentor

WVU Mentorship Program

In 2020, the WVU Reed College of Media launched a new mentorship program. After a successful first year, the program is continuing on a yearly basis and is open to IMC, Data and Digital Marketing Communications alumni. Applications are currently closed, check back in October of 2021 to apply to become a mentor.

Ground Rules of the Program

  1. The 2021 IMC, Data & Digital Mentorship Program will run March 1 through August 1, 2021.
  2. Mentors and students wishing to participate must apply and be selected. Information provided during application will be used for pairing purposes.
  3. The goals for each individual participating in the mentorship program will be determined by the mentor and student during their first meeting. Please Note: Finding a job and/or therapy are not an appropriate goals for mentorship. Career guidance, resume/application advice, how to make the most of the WVU graduate experience, and networking support are appropriate goals.
  4. Participating mentors and students are expected to connect at least once each month for the duration of the mentorship program. The mentorship pair will determine the dates, times and mode of their meetings.
  5. All mentors participating in the mentorship program must attend bi-monthly zoom meetings held by administration.
  6. Mentors and students are expected to participate in an evaluation of the program at the conclusion of the season.

To ensure the success of the 2021 IMC, Data & Digital Mentorship Program, these ground rules for participation are non-negotiable. By submitting an application to serve as a mentor, you are acknowledging your willingness to maintain the standards established for mentors in the program for the good of the student(s) you are assigned to mentor.

Applications are currently closed, please check back in October of 2021.