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Whether you're fresh out of a bachelor's degree program or looking for a career RE-fresh, you need coursework that is interesting, challenging and provides real skills and knowledge that prepare you to jump right into your next move. That's what you get at WVU.


WVU launched the nation's first online IMC master's degree program in 2003. Since then, we've been developing new programs (Data and Digital Marketing Communications), new IMC specializations (there are 7!) and new courses that are not only relevant, but engaging and practical.

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Data Marketing Communications

Learn how to interpret data to customize both the message and the audience. The Data program is totally online and can be completed in 18 months.

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Digital Marketing Communications

Everything is moving online. Learn how to meet your audiences where they are through SEO, organic and paid search, display marketing, social media marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, multi-channel analytics and desktop and mobile user experiences.

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Every organization in every industry in every part of the world needs professional communicators. WVU’s renowned online IMC program not only prepares you for that career, but connects you with those organizations.

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Each of the three degree programs culminates with a capstone course where you work on a full campaign for a client.

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IMC Specializations

The IMC degree program includes seven optional areas of emphasis - proof on your resume that you have specialized knowledge.

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Built-In Certifications

Get Google Analytics or Facebook Blueprint certified while earning your master's degree. Some courses include built-in certifications like these and more.

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Undergrad IMC Intro Course

Get a taste of IMC before jumping into the program. As an undergrad, you can take the IMC intro course online. This frees up three credits to fit in one of those AOEs.

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