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Lova Jaros

Lova Jaros

Graduate Program: Integrated Marketing Communications, 2013

Professional Title: Instructional Designer for West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia

Capstone Client: St. Jude Children's Hospital (instructor-provided)

Capstone Experience: I tell IMC students that their capstone experience will be TOUGH and they need to first start thinking of a name, logo, and identify for their brand BEFORE the course even begins. I was given this advice at the last INTEGRATE Conference and it helped me tremendously. Months prior, I started brainstorming with friends and designers on what my brand should exhibit. It was a HUGE relief having this portion of the project complete when the starting gun went off that first week. Second, students should really try to stay on task with their weekly assignments (though sometimes this is not possible) or the capstone will become quickly overwhelming. Third, reuse – yes, copy and paste – any parts of your old assignments from your past courses. Don’t worry, it’s not plagiary, it’s yours! Fourth, if you’re required to conduct an online survey with high school students, don’t rely on your Facebook friends, ask your local teachers if they can setup a laptop in their classroom and let their students take your survey. If you are able to do so, select MULTIPLE RESPONSES when configuring the survey, or only two students will be able to take the survey from the same computer. I learned this mistake the hard way. Fifth, you will have to offer an inventive for your focus group (e.g. extra credit through their professors, gift cards, etc., PLUS cookies and water) or you will not get a decent turnout. Sixth, start saving your money now because you will have to spend some on this campaign (if you want it to be good) to keep your sanity. Seventh, keep reminding yourself that you’re almost to the light at the end of the tunnel - you can’t give up now! I wish you all the best and feel free to seek me out through social media if you need talked off your illusory cliffs. Good Luck!

Capstone Visual Examples:

EMOTION Business Card 

EP Cover Sheet 

Missing Flyer