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Mahua Chatterjee

Photo of Mahua Chatterjee

Graduate Program: Integrated Marketing Communications, 2018

Professional Title: Marketing Communications Manager, Paramount Software Solutions in Alpharetta, Georgia 

Capstone Client: The Nature's Bounty Company (instructor-provided)

Capstone Experience:  This one was one amazing experience. Most of my career has been dedicated in B2B space so B2C was pretty much a completely new journey. While I did work in the B2C segment for a brief period of time but this category - Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements was absolutely new to me. This challenge was extremely useful for me - in a real world, one must always be prepared for something absolutely new coming to your table. Instead of getting stressed, accepting it as a challenge and working consistently and asking for guidance is the what will help! Prof. Sukys was awesome!

My favorite component was the Brand Equity Analysis - it is always the foundation of determining the objective, strategy, and tactics for a marketing initiative. I also enjoyed the Behavioral Analysis of the prime prospects. Understanding mindsets and behavior of different types of generation is always an eye-opener. You are no more contained within your individual thought process but a larger platform of opportunities open up before you.

I would say I am proud of my entire capstone ! Especially when I received the email about my capstone being selected for client presentation - that email made my day. But if I have to choose - I would say the target audience profiling, creative brief, and creative execution. That was definitely very challenging and yet very fulfilling!

Capstone Visual Examples:

an example of an a print ad for a capstone project  

an example of a social media ad for a capstone project  

a television storyboard concept for a capstone project