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Diversity and Inclusion in IMC


IMC 645

Focus on the practical application of diversity and inclusion and their impact on marketing and communications brand strategy to diverse consumers and audiences. The concept of culture will be dissected as it relates to cohort comprehension and acceptance or rejection of companies or brands. The role of ethics and corporate social responsibility in diversity/multicultural marketing and communications will also be explored.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 645, students will be able to:

  • Define the role of marketing and communications as it pertains to portraying a brand or person’s acceptance and/or celebration of diversity and inclusion in the marketplace.
  • Identify the benefits of relevant/authentic communications and marketing to African-American, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Female and Millennial audiences.
  • Recognize the inherent challenges associated with effective diversity/multicultural marketing and communications.
  • Analyze the cultural miscues many companies/brands make.
  • Discuss the significance of ethics and corporate social responsibility when communicating with diverse or multicultural audiences.

Course Topics

  • Defining Diversity and Inclusion, and Understanding the Business Case and Navigating Today's Contentious Racial Waters
  • The Influence of Culture on Marketing and Communications To Multicultural Consumers
  • Millennials/Gen Z and The Impact of Social Media on the Discussion of Diversity and Inclusion and Brands
  • Marketing to and Communicating with an African-American Audience
  • Marketing to and Communicating with a Hispanic Audience
  • Marketing to and Communicating with an LGBTQ Audience
  • When Companies Get it Wrong; The Role of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Era of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

IMC 645 Faculty

Jad-Évangelo Nasser
Profile: Nasser