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IMC Campaigns


IMC 636

Campaigns (IMC 636) is a rigorous and comprehensive capstone course that requires students to develop a thoughtful and professional quality IMC campaign for a real-world client. The best final campaign submissions may be featured in the program’s online IMC Student Portfolio.

Course Learning Outcomes

In IMC 636, students will be required to:

  • Develop a detailed target market description.
  • Create a SWOT analysis.
  • Develop an integrated communications strategy statement.
  • Write a brand positioning statement.
  • Write a creative brief.
  • Design a series of touch point creative executions.
  • Conduct research regarding your client and your target audience.
  • Establish an IMC campaign budget and justify that budget based on the marketing goal.
  • Develop a detailed media plan.
  • Determine effective methods for evaluating your IMC campaign.
  • Write an executive summary.
  • Develop a campaign conclusion.
  • Put together a complete, professional IMC campaign from start to finish.

Final Campaign

The final campaigns require that students write a complete IMC campaign and execute the creative work required to carry out that campaign. This includes:

  • Researching a client, target markets and competition (primary and secondary).
  • Developing an integrated communications strategy statement.
  • Designing communication objectives and tactics.
  • Developing advertising, social media, public relations, internal communications and other creative pieces.
  • Developing a series of evaluation methods designed to demonstrate the results of a campaign. This should also include a plan for pre-execution research.

Course Topics - Provided Client

  • Campaign Introduction, Owned, Earned and Paid Media Review Concepts and Learning about the Brand
  • Defining Your Target Audience
  • Marketing Goals, IMC Objectives and Strategies
  • IMC Assets: Integrated Communications Strategy Statement, Media Assets and Other Tools
  • Owned and Earned Strategies and Tactics
  • Paid Media Strategies
  • Measurement Strategies, Executive Summary and Conclusion

Course Topics - Selected Client

  • Learning About Your Client – Marketing Goal(s); IMC Campaign Objectives; Target Audience; Budget
  • Structuring Your IMC Plan – Justifying Your Budget; Research Concept Statements
  • Brand Positioning, Integrated Communication Strategy Statement
  • The Campaign Message
  • Media (communication) Planning: Objectives, Strategies, Rationale
  • Media (communication) Planning: Tactics, Budget
  • Touch Point Creative Executions
  • Evaluation, Executive Summary and Conclusion