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Lee Boggs

Mass Media Professional

Teaches IMC 612 - Audience Insight

Lee Boggs has worked in mass media since 1990, including news, public relations/marketing and digital communications. 

He has acted as an advertising sales representative for print and online news organizations and as an advertising account manager in PR/marketing.

Boggs owned and operated a multi-media business for a decade. He has written for regional news and public relations publications, as well as national news and how-to websites. That breadth of experience has given him a unique perspective on audience insight from the traditional and digital sides of IMC.

Currently, Boggs serves in a faculty/staff role at Furman University in Greenville, SC. He teaches Digital Communication and leads the Department of Communication Studies’ IMC efforts, based on audience insight, data analysis, and best practices. This experience exemplifies his ability to incorporate audience insight with digital technology, highlighting the present and future trends in IMC.

Boggs started with WVU in 2012, creating and teaching the Political Marketing course. He has taught Audience insight since 2015, mostly as Lead Instructor. In addition to WVU, he has also taught journalism at Lander University. He has a Master of Arts in Journalism-Media Management from the University of Missouri.