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Integrate Online: Career Boost - Building Your Portfolio Site

Integrate Online: Career Boost

In a competitive market, job seekers need to seek ways to showcase their personal brand and professional skills to stand out. For those in the marketing communications field, the creation of a digital portfolio can be a great way to bundle relevant project samples and convey relevant experience. This special Integrate Online session will showcase different digital portfolio platforms, how to use them and best practices for selecting projects to showcase.

Session Recap

Why are digital portfolios important?

Erin Fields: “By investing time and resources into your portfolios you are able to give potential employers an idea of not just what you can do, but how well you can do it. When you have a resume you are just telling people what you can do, but with a portfolio site you are backing up your resume by showing that you can do those things and do them well.”

“Building a portfolio allows you to be seen. So, strut your stuff and celebrate your own personal victories. Show your vestitality and mix up the range of content you showcase. It’s really easy to look at your portfolio piece by piece, but I urge you to look at it as a whole picture. Thinking this way will help you select content that best fits your overarching brand personality.”

“Before your start, it is really important that you think about what story you want to tell with your personal brand. Think about the end goal, what you want people to take away from your personal brand. With there being a huge pool of students searching in the job market, it is crucial to separate yourself from others. If you are a writer, start a blog and write about almost anything. Write about things you are passionate about and show who you are and what interests you.”

What is the process for building a digital portfolio?

  • Pick a platform that fits your work
  • Find a mentor or friend to help select content and provide feedback
  • Do the work - build your site and audit it regularly
  • Share with others, both when you are job searching and when you are not

What content should you include in your digital portfolio?

  • Internship projects
  • Coursework
  • Relevant activities outside of school/work
  • Creative, passion projects

Nathan Pieratt: “Those who are viewing your portfolio are only going to give you about 30 seconds to capture their attention, so make sure your content is clear and organized.”

What platform should be used to create a digital portfolio?

  • Square Space
  • Wordpress
  • Adobe Portfolio
  • Medium

How should you maintain your portfolio?

Nathan Pieratt: “Think of your portfolio as a living document. As a student and as you go through your career as a professional, collect the things you are proud of and make sure you are updating your portfolio on a regular basis.”

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