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Why I am Grateful


Why I am Grateful for WVU Marketing Communications

The Marketing Communications programs at WVU have aided brilliant and talented people in achieving their dreams and have also helped them find success within the industry. Meet some of our alumni and find out why they are grateful!

I'm grateful for the knowledge, confidence, and connections that I've made through this program. Even though it was an online course, I was able to grow my network with many like-minded people."

Krissy Bodnovich

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2015
Business Owner — Digital Marketing Specialist
Social Krissy

My master's degree from WVU provided a solid foundation in omnichannel marketing and communications strategy, campaign development and metrics, and technology to support my career aspirations. Within months of completing my degree, I was promoted to Senior Manager and provided additional opportunities to flex my skillset and experience in providing digital solutions rooted in human-centered design as part of omnichannel campaigns targeting patients and healthcare practitioners. I am truly grateful for the comprehensive education, personal and professional connections, and real-world examples from professors working in the field, while building my own portfolio of omnichannel marketing strategy, creative, and tactical work. Thank you, WVU!"

Michelle Forshner, M.S. IMC 2020

Michelle Forshner

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2020
Sr. Manager, Digital Customer Experience
San Francisco, CA

I am grateful for the confidence that my master's degree has provided me in an industry that seems to be changing by the day."

David Hovis, M.S. IMC 2019

David Hovis

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2019
INDYCAR Communications Manager
Team Penske
Mooresville, NC

The M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) has broadened my knowledge and opened career doors for me. I focused on the digital media track which offered cutting edge, hands on learning in the ever evolving television industry. Prior to earning the IMC degree, I owned/operated a boutique media agency in Atlanta buying media then producing and uploading spots for Comcast advertisers. After graduating, we expanded into website analytics, social media and mobile marketing services. This bolstered my business and caught the eye of Effectv, the advertising sales arm of Comcast.
Today, I work as a regional Advanced Media Specialist for Effectv researching and analyzing industry trends that supports the sales teams in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta and Charleston. I am grateful for the IMC degree because it expanded my horizons and made my dream of a career in the television industry a reality. The IMC online option made obtaining the degree a reality and gave me hope that sparked the inner light of divinity within me that now shines bright."

Arthur Jones, M.S. IMC 2018

Arthur Jones

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2018
Advanced Media Specialist
Comcast (Effectv)
Atlanta, GA

I am grateful for my master's degree because it has given me the opportunity to teach! One of my goals in undergrad was to teach at the college level. It has far exceeded that from teaching at a community college to a private university to now teaching for my alma mater at the graduate level!"

Kristin Meeks, M.S. IMC 2007

Kristin Meeks

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2007
WV Social Media
Parkersburg, WV

I'm grateful for my master's degree because it was my "yes I can" accomplishment!"

Judy Moore

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2009
Executive Director
WV Hive Network
Beckley, WV

I’m grateful for my master’s degree for so many reasons. First, it introduced me to one of my closest friends and so many other amazing marketing professionals across the nation, which I still stay in touch with. Second, it really helped me grow in my career by learning more about strategy and latest industry developments such as the rise of voice search. Lastly, it was always a dream of mine to teach, and with my master’s degree, I’ve been able to teach classes at Duquesne University and Point Park University. It has been an amazing working with students interested in pursuing a career in marketing communications."

Robin Rectenwald, M.S. IMC 2018

Robin Rectenwald

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2018
PR Strategist
Pipitone Group
Pittsburgh, PA

I am grateful for my master’s degree due to it allowing me the skills and opportunities to flourish in my career. I gained significant knowledge to prosper in all aspects of my field."

Stacy Schulman, M.S. IMC 2016

Stacy Schulman

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2016
Executive Director
Mountain State Forest Festival
Elkins, WV

As a student who returned to college later in life, I was thrilled to complete my undergraduate degree. Having earned a master's degree means even that much more. While my role at the Health Sciences Center involves so many various activities, gaining the added skills and knowledge in communications has enabled me to launch a podcast out of our office titled "Women in Science and Medicine". It is an absolute joy to chat with female scientists and clinicians that are changing the world and showing young women and girls that STEM fields are very much accessible to them! I am so grateful for that opportunity to potentially then also change the world for others. Completing the Master's program in Integrated Marketing Communications at WVU has definitely changed both my professional and even personal life for the better!"

Mallory Weaver, M.S. IMC 2019

Mallory Weaver

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2019
Project Coordinator, HSC Research & Graduate Education
West Virginia University

After a dozen years of working in sales, the IMC program gave me the skills I needed to change the trajectory of my career. Updating and broadening my marketing expertise opened the doors to new opportunities. I'm grateful for the connections, the stimulating conversations and challenges, and the new credentials."

Carrie Wood, M.S. IMC 2014

Carrie Wood

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, 2014
Director of Marketing and Communications
College of Business, JMU
Harrisonburg, VA