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Interactive Learning Platform

Your Classes are just a Keystroke Away

Today life and work merge more than ever before. Your schedule is full of commitments. Our online degrees and certificates meet you where you are, making it easier to integrate education more seamlessly into your life. You’ll learn, interact, and present on a digital platform and use video conferencing tools to connect with student peers and study groups — with the added bonus of polishing skills that are essential in today’s tech-driven communications world.

Welcome to a Classroom Built for You.

WVU’s eCampus learning platform is an intuitive, sophisticated learning environment accessible on multiple devices, that is at the center of your learning experience. Not only will you be able to access all course materials, but it is your place to make the most of your graduate program. Make sure to utilize all of the features of this online learning platform to build a robust portfolio, network with other professionals and learn about the marketing communications industry from the perspective of those who are leading it.

Share and Network

Every marketing communications class has a unique network of peers for you network with, share experiences and learn from. Students enter the marketing communications programs at all stages of their career, from fresh out of undergraduate studies to CEO's of leading firms. Be sure to engage with each member of your class to gain new perspectives, get industry tips and exchange ideas to help grow your knowledge and network.

To engage with your peers remain active on your courses eCampus Discussion Boards. Take time to put extra effort in to your posts and cite your sources to share what you know with your peers. Ask questions in your responses to peers posts, never be afraid to challenge another students ideas or ask for advice, it's all apart of individuals in our WVU marketing communications network helping each other grow.

Continue your relationships beyond coursework. Remember to engage in conversation on the "Social Forum" on your classes Discussion Board. If you see a campaign related to course content, share it and ask for opinions and feedback from your professor and peers. Be sure to keep up with your new connections by following our social media channels, joining the LinkedIn Group and connecting with your classmates.

Keep up with Industry Trends and Research

Your marketing communications professors are taking the experiences they have in their everyday professional careers and sharing it with you. Be sure to read all of the additional "Course Readings" for each module of your class. These include studies, statics and articles about from your professors actual work, industry researchers and their professional connections.

Research and industry insights are made easily accessible with the "IMC Research Guide" in each eCampus course. Here students can easily locate current industry studies, statics and audience insight information. All of this is curated based on the data and knowledge professionals are using in today's industry to execute large scale campaigns and data-driven decision making.

Outside of the classroom, industry updates continue. Students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to learn from each other and their WVU marketing communications network through the Marketing Communications Today blog and podcast. If you have an expertise, have worked on a great project outside of class or are looking to learn more about the full scope of marketing communications check out these resources created by those leading the industry.

Build a Resume Worthy Portfolio

Each course is designed to allow students to continuously build and improve their personal portfolio with projects relevant to actual industry work. Course assignments with breakdown the creative process, teach students how to conduct effective research and provide explanations of methods for data-driven decision making.

The marketing communications programs feature a cumulative capstone course that pushes students to take all of their graduate knowledge and apply it to a final project. With extensive research, strategic thinking and careful curation, students will graduate with a full campaign piece ready to be submitted for their dream job.

These capstone projects are unique to the mission of the WVU marketing communications graduate program goal of taking classroom knowledge and turning it in to applicable skills and information to produce graduates who will set the tone for what our courses will be teaching next.