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Student Support

Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer.

From application to graduation, the WVU Marketing Communications staff, faculty and network is there to support you in every step of your journey to reaching your goals. 

Getting Started

Submitting your application for a WVU marketing communications graduate program is the first step towards achieving your goals. Our enrollment team is here to answer all of your questions about our programs and the application process. Find what program fits your desired career path, learn more about our curriculum and all of the benefits of becoming part of the WVU marketing communications network during one of our online or in-person info sessions.

We know you have the skills and passion to take our programs by storm, make sure your application reflects that! Here are some tips to make your application stand reflect all of your accomplishments:

  • Highlight all experienced related to marketing communications including volunteer work, previous classwork and projects from current and past jobs.
  • Apply early, before the stated deadline. Secure your spot before others apply to ensure you get the courses you need during the state date you want.
  • Customize your personal statement to the program. Let us know what your goals are in marketing communications, how you have already been working to achieve them and how this program will help you further advance.
  • If you are requesting optional letters of recommendations, make sure they are form colleagues, managers and others who have seen your work in the marketing communications world.

Customizing Your Path to Success

Every marketing communications student is unique and no one education path fits all, that is why our curriculum is so flexible and why we have an advisor who is here to customize your path to graduate education.

Program requirements state that student must earn 30-credits to graduate with a Master of Science, but how and when you complete the courses is up to you. Whether you are a full-time professional, full-time student or somewhere in between, our completely online program will let you set the tone for how you balance work, academics and personal-life. Our advisors are always willing to answer questions about our courses and will help you find the schedule that allows you to do your best work in all areas of life.

Have an interest, skill or career goal you want to learn more about? Talk to our advisor about how to customize your path to success with a specialization, or any of our other elective courses. Our curriculum has been developed with the idea of learning skills today and implementing them tomorrow. Let us know what your professional goals are and we will work to set up a curriculum that will teach you what you need to know about that topic in today's marketing communications environment.

Keeping Your Online Courses Online

Technology and the internet are some of the greatest tools for marketing communicators, but sometimes these systems can run in to trouble. We want you to meet your deadlines, be able to access your resources and have class time on your schedule. Here are some resources we offer to our students to keep their technology up and running:

  • Browser Checks for eCampus systems help students locate any updates that may need to be made to their browser to access courses.
  • Easy access to the ITS Service Desk by phone at (304) 293-4444 (Local), (877) 327-9260 (Toll Free), or by email at Service Desk is the only location to provide assistance with login issues. Be sure to provide a detailed problem description (i.e. operating system you are running, browser name, type of network connection, error message, etc.).
  • On staff support for course access issues from IMC Technology Specialist Rick Bebout by phone at (304) 293-5736 or through e-mail at
  • Library support through the Ask a Librarian support portal or email support at

Encouraging Continuous Self-Improvement

WVU Marketing Communications practitioner faculty are living and breathing the industry everyday and want to share their knowledge with you. Faculty continuously engage with students on our eCampus Discussion Board, asking thought provoking questions, providing post feedback and sharing industry insights on topics.

Faculty also provide detailed feedback individually to every student for each assignment they turn in. Student can access general feedback for each assignment in the "My Grades" section or eCampus, as well as in-line feedback where professors comment directly on specific portions of assignments to help student continuously approve.

The eCampus system also allows quick access to email professors through its own server. The "Course Introduction" also hosts a "Syllabus" and "Instructor Introduction" customized to each course and professor to provide background and contact information for the faculty member teaching that course. We always encourage our students to reach out and engage with our faculty, they are great resources for course feedback and insight on what it's really like to be an industry leader.

Life-Long MC Network Support 

Once student reach graduation, their journey with WVU Marketing Communications isn't over. Our network is here to help you continuously advance. Be sure to update your MC Network profile and follow along the journey of your peers. Check out the MC Network Job Board to find your next opportunity, reach out for career advice on our job board and connect with fellow alumni!

Once you are a part of the WVU MC Network, you will always be a Mountaineer. We can't wait for you to join us!