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Referral Program

We want to continue growing our marketing communications community. If you know someone who would be a perfect candidate for our programs, we have made it easier for you to refer them. You can either use the message below, or you can use it for inspiration. Next, just send an email to Bre, our enrollment coach. Don’t forget to CC the person you want to refer!

Example letter for referral program:

**CC the person you wish to refer on the email to our enrollment coach, Bre Ford at

Email subject line: Referral Introduction

Hello, Bre,

I would like to introduce you to [insert name of referral] because I believe they would be a great candidate for the marketing communications graduate programs.

[Optional: reason for your referral including experience, background, growth opportunity, etc].

[Insert name of referral], I am including Bre’s Calendly link here and hope you can find a time that works with your schedule for a conversation to explore this opportunity with Bre further.