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Posts from our Alumni.

Integrate Online: Career Boost - Building Your Portfolio Site

In a competitive market, job seekers need to seek ways to showcase their personal brand and professional skills to stand out. For those in the marketing communications field, the creation of a digital portfolio can be a great way to bundle relevant project samples and convey relevant experience. This special Integrate Online session will showcase different digital portfolio platforms, how to use them and best practices for selecting projects to showcase.

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Navigating a New Reality in Public Relations COVID-19

Everything has been changing with the outbreak of COVID-19. Live events are cancelled, stores have had to close or run on limited hours while limiting customers in the stores. Knowing how to adjust your communications to your clients, as well as internal audiences, can be difficult. Special guests Karen Freberg, Courtney Hughes and Eric Winkfield will discuss how they are adjusting their public relations in this new reality and how you can adjust yours.

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Is Influencer Marketing Still Relevant Today?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, every business is soul searching and wondering how to move forward with their marketing communications. Some common themes have emerged as to how businesses are trying to further humanize their brand, generate empathy from the public, and simply “do the right thing.” In parallel, many businesses have pulled the plug, at least temporarily, on advertising programs, many of which include influencer marketing. Is this the right approach, though? Is there a hidden value of influencer marketing that most businesses have yet to grasp? In this podcast, we will learn how brands need to become re-educated on how they define digital influence and influencer marketing, why a long-term approach based on brand affinity – not mere influence – will yield better results, and why the trends that favor influencer marketing’s continued growth do not change because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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