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Misty Mercado

Executive Communications Advisor to Fortune 1000 Corporate Leaders
Teaches IMC Campaigns

Misty Mercado is a passionate executive communications advisor, marketing strategist, and public affairs specialist with over 25 years of experience in marketing and strategic communications. Mercado enjoys simplifying complex strategies to help others authentically connect with their intended audience. She delights in helping MarCom professionals develop their skills and advance their careers.

Mercado currently serves as an executive communications advisor to Fortune 1000 corporate leaders. In her role, she works with C-suite leaders to create and execute strategic communication plans designed to address crises, exceed specific internal and external business objectives, and develop personal executive brands.

Prior to this work, Mercado served as a public affairs officer - chief of media operations - for the 27th Special Operations Wing within the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. Her mission was to shape and deliver impactful messaging aligning with the wing-level mission, vision, and priorities of AFSOC while increasing international and domestic media exposure and positive public sentiment.

Before working with the USAF, Mercado held multiple leadership positions with privately held and publicly traded firms as a marketing communications specialist. Within those roles, she led customer retention campaigns for companies undergoing mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcy restructuring.

Throughout her professional career, Mercado received various awards including Time Warner Telecom's Chairman's Award and the AFSOC Public Affairs Communications Excellence Award. Team awards received include the Frost and Sullivan Customer Service Award for excellence in customer support and retention initiatives.

Mercado received a Master of Business Administration from Regis University and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University.