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Mentorship Program

Learn more about the industry from those who are leaders in it. The WVU Marketing Communications mentorship program pairs you (a student) with an alum to help expand your network.

Program Guidelines and Expectations

  1. The Marketing Communications Mentorship Program runs annually from run from March through August. You will receive information via Mix when the application is open.
  2. Mentors and mentees wishing to participate must apply and be selected. Information provided during the application will be used for pairing purposes.
  3. The goals for each mentorship pair will be determined by the mentor and mentee during their first meeting. Goal examples include Career guidance, resume/application advice, how to make the most of the WVU graduate experience and networking support.
  4. Participating mentors and mentees are expected to connect at least once each month for the duration of the mentorship program. The mentorship pair will determine the dates, times and mode of their meetings.
  5. Mentors and mentees are expected to participate in an evaluation of the program at the conclusion of the season.