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Celebrating 20 Years of WVU IMC

Michelle Artimez

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications | 2011
Miami, FL
Marketing Manager, Miami HEAT
What is your proudest marketing communications moment?
My proudest moment within the program was mailing off my Capstone project. So much time, effort, love and work went into the project and I really enjoyed not only the process, but learning about the client. Receiving that 'A' final grade was a pretty proud moment too! Most recently though, my work with the Miami HEAT during the COVID-19 pandemic was both difficult and very rewarding. Keeping fans of a live sports game engaged and excited was a challenge that we overcame in droves. 
What is your superlative?
Most likely to be jumping in with both feet!
Quote you live by
"The mighty oak was once a nut that stood its ground."
I live by this because it reminds me to think differently and to push my ideas forward regardless of how 'nutty' they may sound.
Favorite Class in the Program
IMC 636 Campaigns
Favorite Faculty Member in the Program
David Marold