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Celebrating 20 Years of WVU IMC

Beth Michalec

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications | 2005
Mannington, WV
Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication
What is your proudest marketing communications moment?
My proudest marcomm moment is when I see my students succeed in their career paths. Recently, one of my former students earned her J.D. from a prestigious university and took the bar exam after a stellar academic performance during law school. She called for me for ongoing guidance and support in the weeks leading up to the bar exam. Another messaged me from a master's crisis comm intensive weekend that her team was totally in control of their crisis strategy and she was leading the team because she had already been through a similar crisis simulation during my undergrad class. She was cool, calm and prepared. Those relationships, and so many others, are the most meaningful to me. That level of attention and ongoing industry currency are valuable lessons I learned as an IMC student and now higher education professor.
Personally, the degree program that I helped to create was recognized as a top-ten communication program in Pennsylvania.
Quote you live by
"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world" — intoned by Professor John Keating as portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie "Dead Poets Society"
"Don't forget the ABCs — accuracy, brevity, clarity"
Favorite Class in the Program
IMC 636 Campaigns