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Reach out to us at any point in your decision-making process, while you’re enrolled, or after you graduate. We’re here for you.

The online marketing communications master degree programs and certificates are part of the West Virginia University Reed College of Media. The College of Media has two locations on the WVU campus: Martin Hall located in iconic Woodburn Circle on the downtown campus, and the Media Innovation Center (that's where you'll find our team!) located in the heart of the modern and growing Evansdale Campus.

Find Us at the office

WVU Reed College of Media
62 Morrill Way | Evansdale Crossing 4th Floor
Morgantown, WV 26506-6529 

By Phone or Email

P: (304) 293-6278
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Request Information

When you submit a request, we will contact you via your preferred contact method. We’re happy to answer any questions you have as you consider your graduate education options.

Wondering whether you should send us your information? We get it, sometimes filling out forms on the internet results in overwhelming phone calls and email.

What we WILL DO with your information:

  • We'll email you program information, including testimonials from current students and faculty, and details we know you need when considering your graduate education. We'll also send regular program updates at the end of each month so you can keep up with what's currently happening in our programs.
  • We'll mail you a free copy our program view book, which provides additional details on programs and college.
  • If you have any questions about any of the content we send you, contact our enrollment coach via email at or phone at (304) 293-6278.

What we WILL NOT DO with your information:

  • We will not bombard you with high-pressure messages. Our goal is to provide you with information you need to determine whether our program is right for you. You can opt-out at any time.
  • We will NEVER sell or share your information with any other college, program or organization.
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Support Staff 

Chad Mezera

Chad Mezera

Assistant Dean of Online Programs


(304) 293-5903

Chad Mezera is the Assistant Dean of Online Programs for the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University (WVU). In this role, he oversees all online courses offered by the college and leads the online programs support team.

View Profile: Chad Mezera

Rick Bebout

Rick Bebout

Technology Specialist

(304) 293-5736

Rick Bebout is a technology specialist; his primary responsibilities are to build and maintain all of the program’s graduate courses and support our online students and instructors. 

View Profile: Rick Bebout

Breanne Ford

Breanne Ford

Enrollment Coach


Breanne Ford (Bre) is the enrollment coach for Reed College of Media Online Programs. Ford assists students throughout the enrollment and admissions process. She is one of the main contacts for students when first inquiring about the program, throughout their enrollment process, and until graduation.

View Profile: Breanne Ford

Cindy Hart

Cindy Hart

Program Director

(304) 293-3286

Cindy Hart is program director of online programs for Reed College of Media’s marketing and communications program. She oversees program curriculum, course development projects, and support of online instructors.

View Profile: Cindy Hart

Allyson Kennedy

Allyson Kennedy

Communications Manager

(304) 293-5726

Allyson Kennedy is the communications manager for the WVU Reed College of Media. She is responsible for implementing and managing the integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan for the College.

View Profile: Allyson Kennedy

Erica Lindsay

Erica Lindsay

Director of Marketing and Communications


Erica Lindsay is the director of marketing and communications for the WVU Reed College of Media. She manages the execution of the College’s integrated marketing communications plan, the implementation of high-profile events and efforts to identify and produce stories that promote the College’s students, alumni and faculty.

View Profile: Erica Lindsay

Desirae Lindow

Desirae Lindow

Marketing and Events Graduate Service Assistant

As the marketing and events graduate service assistant, Desirae Lindow works to support marketing campaigns, recruitment, and event planning.

View Profile: Desirae Lindow

Stefanie Moore

Stefanie Moore

Marketing Specialist


As the marketing specialist, Stefanie Moore implements marketing campaigns for all online programs, executes strategic recruitment events and an annual national conference.

View Profile: Stefanie Moore

Andy Pickens

Andy Pickens

Multimedia Specialist

(304) 293-9442

Andy Pickens is a proud alumnus of West Virginia University. Pickens is the multimedia specialist for the Marketing Communications online programs. His responsibilities include working closely with instructors to build and maintain graduate and undergraduate online courses, as well as shooting photos and videos. Pickens uses his photography and videography skills for all Data Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing Communications and Integrated Marketing Communications events.

View Profile: Andy Pickens

Amanda Tuscan

Amanda Tuscan

Online Programs Graduate Advisor


Amanda Tuscan is excited to serve as an academic advisor for the online graduate students in the WVU Reed College of Media. She joined the college in July 2021.

View Profile: Amanda Tuscan

Madison Urse

Madison Urse

Curriculum and Course Management Graduate Assistant

Madison Urse is a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in journalism through West Virginia University. She is a graduate assistant for the Reed College of Media and assists in reviewing and managing courses. Her work involves editing courses, proofreading, and assessing the quality of lessons and course-related materials. 

View Profile: Madison Urse