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Brand Evolution Strategy


IMC 649

Explore strategies and tactics that are used to help brands manage an endless barrage of disruption and disruptive technologies, changing consumer demands, internal and external pressures from startups, talent erosion and changing market dynamics. Also provides a new platform for brands and brand building in this “brave new world.”

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Work through the Survival Planning Canvas that looks to incorporate innovative startups, technologies, business models and/or approaches to help brands (small or large) navigate the journal to survival.
  • Embrace “heresy” thinking to challenge norms, conventions and incumbent thinking.
  • Build a brand modernization framework that considers how brands will need to be built in a time where advertising is no longer dominant.
  • Leverage the four pillars of: Digital Disruption, Talent Resurrection, Customer Obsession and Corporate Citizenship to prepare a (return to) growth plan.
  • Complete the Survival Planning Canvas for a company or brand on “DeathWatch” and prepare Survival and Growth Plans for the brand.

Course Topics

  • An Introduction to the Concept of Survival Planning and the Survival Canvas
  • Sizing up the Triple Threat of Brand Extinction, Talent Erosion and Business Implosion/The Demise of the Corporation (Headwinds/Tailwinds)
  • Shift Happens: New Competitive Landscapes, New Business Models (Prepare for Battle)
  • Put yourself out of business/Heresy (Mutiny, Prepare to be Boarded)
  • Brand 2.0, North Star and P.B.E.C.
  • Discover New Worlds: Digital Disruption, Talent Resurrection, Customer Obsession, Corporate Citizenship (Magic Wand)
  • Change the Business You’re In (North Star, Treasure Map)
  • Wrap-Up (Feedback on Canvas and Plans, Addressing Implementation, Continuity and Sell Through)

IMC 649 Faculty