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Sports Marketing


IMC 630

Examines the special aspects of sport marketing as a discipline and the manner in which sport is marketed vis-à-vis other products and services. Explores the conceptualization of the marketing planning processes and the field’s major components (5 P’s), the value of market and consumer research, consumers (fans and participants), endorsements, sponsorships, branding, product services, benefits, consumption and usage patterns.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 630, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the Marketing Management Process (MMP).
  • Analyze consumer and market data and information for the purpose of comprehending sport consumer behavior, market segmentation, and Marketing Mix decision-making.
  • Identify salient behavioral motivations that contribute to the consumption patterns and usage frequency of participant and spectator sport consumers.
  • Define and distinguish marketing communication fundamentals (i.e. product, price, place, promotion and PR) as they relate to a sport organizational context.
  • Create, Develop, Revise and Defend a comprehensive Marketing Plan for an existing sport organization.

Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of Sport Marketing
  • Understanding Sports Consumers
  • Taking an Information-based Approach to Sport Marketing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Sport Product and Pricing Strategies
  • Sport Promotions 
  • Public Relations and Social Media in Sport/Coordinating the Sport Marketing Mix
  • Final Sport Marketing Project Plan Due

What students say about IMC 630:

“This elective is perfect for anyone thinking that they might want to go into Sports Marketing. The best part about this elective was having to conceive a marketing plan for a sports team. Picking the team is the hardest part because you don’t want to pick a team just because you’re a fan. Choosing a team that you’ll be able to look at objectively and come up with how they can improve their image and increase sales is the most important thing I learned. I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys seeing how the sports world improves and changes. I walked away with a more objective look at the sports world and why they might be targeting the audience that they do. The information that was used in the final campaign can be applied to any career, especially if you want to create better community relations. I now have ideas that I can take to a local sports team to promote my company, but make it mutually beneficial for the team.” - Rebecca Frishman