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Brand Data Collection and Visualization

DMC 563

This course is required in:

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. Understand how to design better graphs through principles of visualization and decluttering.
  2. Demonstrate how to visually communicate both financial and non-financial metrics key to brands.
  3. Creating and telling your own data story (final class project).

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Data Collection and Visualization
  • Principles of Decluttering and Effective Visual Formats
  • Visualizing Survey and Qualitative Data
  • Essential Non-financial Metrics for Brands
  • Essential Financial Metrics for Brands
  • Internet Marketing Metrics for Brands
  • Putting it All Together: The Presentation

WORKLOAD:   (8-10 hours per week)

This course examines the benefits of mining your own brand data for insights that could influence marketing communications decisions with an emphasis on how that data can be presented visually to key stakeholders. Students will examine the relevant merits of internal versus external data collection and the proper times, sources and processes to engage in either.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss how visualization and imagery impact comprehension.

  • Explain why numbers alone are not as memorable or compelling as visual imagery and storytelling.

  • Analyze and compare data visualization platforms.

  • Create clean visuals through understanding of perception and decluttering.

  • Develop metrics and analysis stories that use visualization and graphics.

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Brand Data Collection and Visualization Instructors

Varde headshot
Neelesh Varde Global Product Manager at Roquette Read More: Varde