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Audience Insight

IMC 512

This course is offered in:

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. How to create more effective communications strategies based on internal or psychological influences that impact consumer decision-making.
  2. How to create more effective communications strategies based on external or sociological influences that impact consumer decision-making.
  3. An appreciation for the importance of ethnography as a research method to better understand consumers and the ability to create an ethnography proposal.

Course Topics

  • Buying, Having and Being / Consumer and Social Well-Being / Practical Ethnography and Theory
  • Perception / Learning and Memory / Ethical Ethnography
  • Motivation and Affect / The Self / Managing Private-Sector Ethnography and Clients
  • Personality / Lifestyles and Values / Attitudes and Persuasive Communications / Ethnographic Tools and Reporting
  • Decision Making / Buying, Using and Disposing / Ethnographic Sampling and Fieldwork
  • Groups and Social Media / Income and Social Class / Ethnographic Analysis and Beyond
  • Subcultures / Cultures

WORKLOAD:   (8-10 hours per week)

Take an in-depth look at consumer behavior and its role in IMC. Examine consumer behavior in terms of internal influences, external influences, the consumer decision-making process and consumers and culture.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the importance of audience insight and understanding of consumer behavior on developing an integrated marketing communications strategy.
  • Examine ethnographic research practices, ethical considerations of conducting ethnographic research, and the components of an ethnographic report.
  • Analyze the role emotional branding plays in designing persuasive marketing messages and how a consumer’s values and cultural characteristics influence their decision-making process.
  • Illustrate how each aspect of the buying experience affects the consumer decision-making process and explain the theories related to influencing consumer attitudes toward a product or service.
  • Create a comprehensive proposal for a private-sector ethnography research project.

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Audience Insight Instructors

Caserta headshot
Christopher Caserta Chief Executive Officer, Ascension Living Read More: Caserta
Muetzel headshot
Matthew Muetzel Director of Digital and Marketing Operations at Aimmune Therapeutics Read More: Muetzel
Oechsler headshot
Will Oechsler Strategic Business Executive Read More: Oechsler
Pressgrove headshot
Geah Pressgrove Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations at WVU Reed College of Media Read More: Pressgrove