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Influencer Marketing

IMC 550

This course is offered in:

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. How to properly develop content that is free of legal challenges.
  2. Top metrics used to showcase bottom-line impact and how to track them effectively.
  3. Develop a comprehensive influencer campaign.

Course Topics

  • The Rise of Influencers: Understanding Modern Tastemakers
  • The Influencer Spectrum
  • Influencer Selection
  • The Fine Print When Working with Influencers
  • Influencer Art + Science
  • Managing Influencer Opportunities
  • The Future of Influencer Marketing

WORKLOAD:   (8-10 hours per week)

This course explores the role of influencer marketing and how best to leverage individual tastemakers to fulfill marketing objectives. Students learn how to identify, qualify, and amplify the efforts of various influencer types available to marketers, and how to set accurate key performance indicators.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate how the digital age has given rise to the value of individual influencers in the marketing mix.
  • Evaluate the best type of influencer to leverage for a campaign and learn how to find them.
  • Distinguish multiple ways to focus the efforts of influencers for maximum impact.
  • Determine appropriate metrics for assessing outcomes of influencer campaigns.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategic influencer campaign.

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Influencer Marketing Instructors

Hoot headshot
Justin Hoot Director, Client Services at Someoddpilot Read More: Hoot
Pérez headshot
Hugo Pérez Chief Marketing Officer at ZENB US Read More: Pérez