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Sports Marketing

IMC 530

This course is offered in:

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. Analyze spectator sport consumer data to determine marketing objectives and strategy.
  2. Identify the pricing strategies related to specific sport products and how they are determined.
  3. Complete a comprehensive sport marketing plan for a student-selected sport organization.

Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of Sport Marketing
  • Understanding Sports Consumers
  • Taking an Information-based Approach to Sport Marketing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Sport Product and Pricing Strategies
  • Sport Promotions
  • Public Relations and Social Media in Sport/Coordinating the Sport Marketing Mix
  • Final Sport Marketing Project Plan Due

WORKLOAD:   (8-10 hours per week)

This course explores integrated marketing communications within the sports industry. Students analyze the field's key differentiators, including consumers (fans and participants), endorsements, sponsorships, and consumption and usage patterns.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore how integrated marketing communications strategies can be used effectively when marketing in the sport industry.
  • Analyze consumer and market data and information for the purpose of comprehending sport consumer behavior, market segmentation, and marketing mix decision-making.
  • Identify salient behavioral motivations that contribute to the consumption patterns and usage frequency of participant and spectator sport consumers.
  • Define and distinguish marketing communication fundamentals (i.e. product, price, place, promotion and PR) as they relate to a sport organizational context.
  • Develop, revise and present a comprehensive marketing communications proposal for an existing sport organization.

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