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Grace Gao

Extensive experience in the areas of assessment, research design, applied statistics and standard setting

Teaches IMC 611 - Marketing Research & Analysis

Dr. Grace Gao earned her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Evaluation from Ohio University and has a Master Degrees in Accounting and International Studies from Ohio University.

Dr. Gao’s teaching focuses on research methodology, statistical analysis, and measurement and evaluation. In addition to teaching, Dr. Gao consults in the areas of assessment, research design, applied statistics and standard setting. Dr. Gao’s research interests focus on applied statistics, quantitative research methods and measurement analysis, particularly statistics education, statistical computer programs, differential item functioning (DIF), item response theory (IRT), test equating, and test adaptation.

Past Student Feedback

  • Dr. Gao was very involved in the learning process. She provided timely feedback on course assignments and discussions. It is obvious, she is invested in the future of her students and setting them up for success.
  • Dr. Gao was simply amazing in all aspects of the course. Active, available, helpful, kind. I learned a lot and Dr. Gao was largely responsible for that.
  • Dr. Gao was incredible, efficient and interactive throughout the course. She is brilliant in her field and is able to explain methods, research and course materials in a way that folks like myself (non-researchers) can understand. She was very eager to assist and provide positive, constructive feedback.