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Amy Teller

Marketing Strategist and Online Instructor

Amy Alyson Teller is an instructor for WVU’s Digital Marketing Communications Program at the Reed School of Media and Communications where she teaches Intro to Digital Marketing Communications and Audience Segmentation. She also teaches Event Execution, Event Promotion, and Event Planning in Public Relations at the undergraduate level and is a host of WVU's Marketing Communications Today podcast where she interviews industry thought leaders on topics that explore Marketing Communications Strategies to inform and inspire audiences.

In addition to her work at WVU, Amy also serves as a Section Leader in Marketing at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business’s OMBA program at The College of William and Mary where she teaches Strategic Marketing and is a Course Facilitator for their Online Master's in Marketing prep course on Marketing Principles and Quantitative Analytics.

Her current endeavors include working as a marketing consultant for multiple tech start-ups. Within these roles, she conducts market research, segmentation, and targeting analyses, to position products strategically in the marketplace, and she participated in Virginia Small Business Development Center’s Innovative Commercialization Assistance Program that helps entrepreneurs bring new technologies and innovations to market.

Meet Amy Teller

0:00 Introduction
1:54 Why do you teach in the program?
3:06 How do you bring the real world into your online classes?
5:49 How do you engage with students?
9:04 Fun (surprise) question

Professor Teller did an excellent job at providing outstanding and encouraging feedback for every assignment and project. She even went the extra mile by making her feedback in the form of an audio recording. She made it feel like there was someone giving feedback to me in-person rather than on a computer screen. Professor Teller helped push me to always improve my work whether it was discussion posts or assignments. Whenever she provided constructive criticism it was always helpful and positive.

Professor Teller is one of the best instructors I have had while at WVU. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she genuinely cares about her students.

She was exceptional and exceeded all of my expectations. She brought enthusiasm to the course material and provided very thorough feedback. She was available whenever a question came up and provided excellent advice and mentorship. Professor Teller set the bar very high and is an asset to the West Virginia University community.