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Bob Sukys

Founder and Director at BrandMine

As Founder and Director of BrandMine, Bob Sukys’ focus is on consulting and training practices in branding, marketing and consumer communication, and creating and managing best practices for advertising production to ensure brands achieve the best advertising at the most efficient cost.

Sukys brings to his classes extensive experience in brand building, advertising development and production practices, along with interactive marketing and marketing training. In his 20+ year career at P&G, Sukys created best practices for advertising development and production, implemented training programs for the company’s marketing managers around the globe and helped build key brands in North America, Western Europe and globally. He has personally shaped more than two thousand pieces of advertising in his career.

Sukys’ international experience includes a two-and-a-half-year assignment in England, helping to create the European Advertising Development and Production Department for P&G’s Health & Beauty Care business. Prior to that he served as International Liaison for Advertising Development where he designed and disseminated best practices for advertising development and production throughout the world. For three years he also served as the Chairman of the Advertising Production Management Committee for the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Sukys was also a charter member of P&G’s New Media Team, where he organized a task force to create the first interactive advertising development and production process, and wrote the company’s first white paper on website effectiveness. He served as a team leader of a landmark research project on how to develop advertising that leads to breakthrough business results.

Before joining P&G, Sukys was an award-winning copywriter on Wendy’s fast food restaurants. His agency team took Wendy’s from a chain of eleven stores in Columbus, Ohio, to a chain of more than 2,000 stores nationwide.

In his most recent work with BrandMine, Sukys has been instrumental in helping several Fortune 500 companies develop and implement best practices in advertising and brand communication strategy and production. His training programs have become staples in several corporate marketing universities, and he has consulted on several successful new brand introductions and brand turnarounds in a variety of product and service categories.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Communication Arts Department at the University of Cincinnati, Bob was honored as one of its 25 most prominent graduates and in 2014 on the 50th Anniversary of the Department he was named as one of 50 Alumni Champions.

In 2016 Bob was the recipient of the Alexia Vanides IMC Teaching Award and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

I can’t say enough positive things about him. He was responsive, understanding, helpful and insightful — all the things you would hope for from an in-person experience and then some. I would sign up for another class taught by him in a heartbeat.

His enthusiasm and passion for what he does is such a joy to be around. He would have Zoom calls where he invited us to ask questions and to chat about the class and he would share stories and insights, which was informative and always a good time! He is incredibly encouraging and did such a great job of making everyone feel important and seen by promptly responding to our posts and keeping the conversation going. He often provided constructive feedback, spirited commentary, and really creative ways of looking at brands.

So far in my WVU IMC experience, Prof. Sukys is the most engaged, responsive and productive professor I have had. I purposely sought out this class with him because of the positive experience I had in my last class. Much like my last encounter, Prof Sukys delivered a valuable experience again.