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Find Your Creative Spark

A Masterclass in Creative Ideation and the Process for Communication Strategy Development | Check back for future offerings of this professional certificate
 August 28-October 6
 4-6 hours per week
 $250 Program
 100% Online, Flexible

Course Outcomes

  1. Develop and implement a cohesive branding message and media execution that effectively communicates the essence and value of the brand.
  2. Create new content from existing content that adds value and resonates with the target audience.
  3. Conduct a comprehensive review of a branding message and analyze the insights utilized for creative execution, with the aim of understanding the effectiveness of the campaign's messaging and creative strategies.

Course Topics

  • Week 1: Exploring the Creative Self
  • Week 3: Creating Content that Works
  • Week 5: Unpacking the Big Idea

This course explores the development of creative ideas and how to find unique insights that can support integrated marketing strategies. It will emphasize best practices for assembling and curating media content to enhance a messaging strategy or communication plan. Students will gain valuable experience with the creative process by conceiving, developing and executing a coherent creative strategy that will drive business outcomes.

Enrollment and Awarding Process

  1. If you are interested in this micro-credential, you must register here.
  2. The course instructor will help you navigate the course and address challenges or questions that may arise.
  3. The badge will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Creative Ideation Badge

Badge Earning Criteria

Recipients must complete the full curriculum (3 content modules + activities) to earn the Creative Ideation badge. An electronic checklist has been built into the course to help you track your progress.

This professional certificate is currently in process. Check back for future offerings of this course.

Find Your Creative Spark Instructors

Meeks headshot
Kristin Meeks Owner at WV Social Media Consultants Read More: Meeks
Pieratt headshot
Nathan Pieratt Award-Winning Designer and Creative Director Read More: Pieratt
Stultz headshot
Larry Stultz Operated Design and Advertising Firms in New Orleans and Atlanta Read More: Stultz