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Making Sense of Google Analytics 4

 June 15-July 27
 4-6 hours per week
 $250 Program
 100% Online, Flexible

Course Outcomes

  1. Recognize how GA4 works and review a framework for how you can apply GA4 data to organizational goals.
  2. Discover an in depth understanding of events in GA4. This includes creating custom events within the GA4 interface, as well as event parameters and the role of custom dimensions.
  3. Understand how to use GA4 functionality like the Path Exploration report through practical hands-on experience.
  4. Learn how to configure your GA4 property.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Digital Analytics and Google Analytics
  • Universal Analytics to GA4: Time for Events!
  • Making the Leap to GA4

The new era of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is upon us. Many digital analysts and marketers seem confused! There is a disturbance in the digital analytics force as many of us didn’t see any problem with Universal Analytics. And by comparison, the new GA4 seems harder to use in many ways.

Whether you were a fan of Universal Analytics or new to web analytics, this course is designed to give you a solid foundation in GA4. Students will receive a refresher on digital analytics basics, an in-depth explanation of the GA4 data model and a functional framework for understanding the “event-based” model of GA4. This course will cover some of the most important differences between UA and GA4 and point out potentially confusing pitfalls. This course will provide some practical tips, short quizzes designed to reinforce the most important concepts, and some hands-on experience working in a GA4 demo account from the Google Merchandise Store.

Detailed instructions for setting up and configuring your GA4 property will be provided, as well as working with some of the advanced reporting features in GA4.

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Making Sense of Google Analytics 4 Instructor

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Danielle Rohe Digital Marketing Professional with 15 Years of Experience Read More: Rohe