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Making Sense of Google Analytics 4

Check back for future offerings of this professional certificate.

 October 2-November 10
 4-6 hours per week
 $250 Program
 100% Online, Flexible

Course Outcomes

  1. Create a Google Analytics 4 demo account and configure the GA 4 property.
  2. Review Google Analytics 4 data and determine how to leverage its potential and achieve desired outcomes.
  3. Explore the functionality of the Path Exploration report, by actively engaging in hands-on experiences to develop practical proficiency.
  4. Develop an in-depth comprehension of events in Google Analytics 4 by examining the intricacies of creating custom events within the GA4 interface, exploring event parameters, and analyzing the crucial role of custom dimensions in event tracking.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Digital Analytics and Google Analytics
  • Universal Analytics to GA4: Time for Events!
  • Making the Leap to GA4

The transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 presents new challenges and complexities. This course aims to address these concerns by offering a comprehensive understanding of GA4 and preparing participants with the knowledge and skills to navigate the platform effectively. The course starts by providing a refresher on digital analytics basics, ensuring that both newcomers and experienced participants have a solid foundation. It then delves into the GA4 data model, explaining the differences from Universal Analytics and providing a functional framework for understanding the event-based model. Throughout the course, participants will learn about the most important differences between Universal Analytics and GA4, helping them identify potential pitfalls and challenges. The focus is on practical tips and strategies to overcome these hurdles and optimize the use of GA4 for data analysis and reporting. Additionally, participants will gain hands-on experience working in a GA4 demo account.

Enrollment and Awarding Process

  1. If you are interested in this micro-credential, you must register here.
  2. The course instructor will help you navigate the course and address challenges or questions that may arise.
  3. The badge will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Google Analytics

Badge Earning Criteria

Recipients must complete the full curriculum (3 content modules + activities) to earn the Google Analytics 4 badge. An electronic checklist has been built into the course to help you track your progress.

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Making Sense of Google Analytics 4 Instructor

Rohe headshot
Danielle Rohe Digital Marketing Professional with 15 Years of Experience Read More: Rohe