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Campaign Planning and Programmatic Media Buying


DMC 672

Campaign Planning and Programmatic Media Buying (DMC 672) surveys the automated media buying landscape with a focus on the tools used, risks and rewards of automated media buys. Students will examine software platforms available for automated buying and understand the connection between how data input affects media buying output. Students will examine which data is best gathered to better inform mass media advertising decisions.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DMC 672, students will be able to:

  • Define programmatic media buying and the value of a hyper-targeted marketing communications campaign plan.
  • Identify media buying opportunities which would benefit from a programmatic or automated approach.
  • Interpret data sets and use ad inventory analysis to plan effective advertising campaigns.
  • Examine improvements in the quality of leads and reduction in cost driven by a programmatic media buying approach.
  • Develop programmatic media objectives, strategies and tactics that rely on automated buying tools.
  • Evaluate software platforms available for automated buying and explain the connection between data input and media buying output.

Course Topics

  • The Basics of Programmatic Media Buying
  • Programmatic Perspective and Use
  • Campaign Planning and The Role of Programmatic
  • Data Management and Optimization
  • Programmatic Eco-System: Beyond the Banner
  • Attribution, Accountability and Regulation
  • Execution and Future Frontiers

DMC 672 Faculty

Dennis Flynn
Profile: Flynn