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Creative Strategy and Execution


IMC 615

Workload:   Intensity Level 4 out of 5 (8-10 hours per week)

Take a comprehensive look at creative strategy and its role in IMC. Students master the fundamentals of conceiving and executing an eye-catching, effective and integrated campaign that uses traditional and digital media.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 615, students will be able to:

  • Identify the role creative strategy plays in an IMC campaign.
  • Demonstrate how market research is used to develop creative strategies.
  • Define the various stages of the creative process.
  • Design an original creative strategy for use in print, broadcast and interactive media.
  • Construct a comprehensive, consistent and original group of creative pieces based on a creative strategy.

Course Topics

  • In Search of the Big Idea
  • Situation Analysis and the Target Market
  • Creative Strategy and the Creative Brief; Developing Insights
  • Creative Strategy, Persuasive Copywriting and the Elements of Design
  • Creative Strategy in Radio and Television/Internet Video
  • Non-Traditional Media and Interactive Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing and the Future of Digital Media

Top 3 Course Takeaways

  1. Gaining the creative confidence to be creative and think creatively.
  2. The importance of strategy development and strategic thinking.
  3. Gaining awareness of new channels and the integration of a creative strategy into those channels.

Instructor Insights


  • 00:36 - About Professor Stultz’s Career
  • 02:10 - Professor Stultz’s Passion for Creative Strategy
  • 03:32 - How the Course has Evolved
  • 05:41 - What do Students Learn
  • 08:26 - The Value in the Discussions and Assignments
  • 08:55 - Workload Intensity
  • 10:09 - Advice for Being Successful in IMC 615
  • 11:54 - Professor Stultz’s Personal Teaching Style

IMC 615 Faculty

Larry M. Stultz
Profile: Stultz