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Current Topics in IMC


IMC 621

Workload:    Intensity level 3 out of 5 (10-15 hours per week)

This on-site and online course explores topics and trends in IMC including: the changing face of today’s consumer, trust-based marketing, contextual understanding, social/mobile implications and opportunities, lessons from giant-killers and category disruptors, and finding and leveraging a brand’s purpose. 

Offered only during the Summer term, enrolled students will gain insight and learn from both past and present Integrate conference presentations from leading industry experts. Note: Students will be required to attend Integrate (full registration will be covered in the cost of the course) and benefit from exclusive opportunities with presenters, students and faculty. 

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 621, students will be able to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the “current state” and discover the trends that are changing the face of marketing (yet again) to provide an eye-opening look at what marketers could or should be leveraging in 2020.
  • Become versed in the differences and similarities with the modern consumer and how they impact brand preference and purchase and IMC programs in general. Understand the differences in thinking by generation Understand the paradigm shift in consumer behavior-the way today’s consumers discover, compare, decide, evaluate, relate, experience and share.
  • Discover what content marketing is and understanding why content marketing is important to your business and how the art and science of storytelling advance brand preference and affinity and how it plays out in various channels.
  • Consider the importance of mobile marketing that marketers need to evaluate as part of their digital strategy. Also, uncover the evolution of this technology and both the strategic and executional roles it plays and the future potential impact it has on marketing.
  • Uncover other emerging technologies and their potential impact on marketing.
  • Develop a deep understanding about a consumer’s current situational profile – the current context in which they are living, i.e. identifying the consumer’s circumstances at the time – socially, economically, environmentally and politically. Conceptualize how these shape their world at the moment in addition to the historical and general profile data we use (specifically, their purchasing habits and practices, time of day, what they are doing, their geographic location, what device they are using, where they are in the customer journey and the point at which they entered into connection with us, etc.) and thereby influence their trial/purchase decisions.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the current social/ mobile tools and the implications and opportunities they currently represent in an IMC program.
  • Learn the lesson from Giant Killers – small companies with limited resources who took on the Giants in their categories by using guile and a nimble approach utilizing he vast array of the valuable marketing tools available to them.
  • Gain an understanding of how current CEO’s and CMO’s have changed the way their companies think about both the function and social responsibilities of their brands and, within that context, the role Marketing plays in today’s changing world.

Course Topics

  • State of Marketing 2019 & Potential Game – Changing Trends
  • The Changing Face of Today’s Consumer
  • Content Marketing – An Integrated Marketing Approach to Building Business
  • Contextual Understanding – Taking advantage of the Contextualized Customer Experience
  • Digital Marketing – Social/Mobile Implications and Opportunities
  • Slaying the Giant – How today’s Digital Marketing Tools allow the Davids to beat the Goliaths at their Game
  • Finding Solutions/Improving Lives

Instructor Insights


  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 1:12 - Unique Characteristics of the Course
  • 1:58 - Course Details
  • 3:04 - Course Challenges
  • 3:36 - Top 3 Takeaways
  • 4:26 - Workload and Course Intensity
  • 5:59 - Tips for Success
  • 6:46 - Teaching Style
  • 8:25 - Favorite Aspect of Teaching in the Program

IMC 621 Faculty

David Hazelton
Profile: Hazelton