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PR Concepts and Strategy


IMC 618

Examine the various functions of public relations in IMC, its impact on key publics and its role in society. This course also covers the field’s evolution, the responsibilities of PR practitioners, law and ethics and emerging trends/strategies.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DIMC 618, students will be able to:

  • Identify the role public relations plays in an IMC campaign.
  • Compare and contrast the communication disciplines relevant to the field of public relations.
  • Recognize the many publics that must be identified, analyzed and potentially integrated into a public relations campaign.
  • Identify the criteria used to create public relations messages according to PR professional associations and the methods used to assess the effectiveness of those messages.
  • Recognize the importance of ethics and professionalism in public relations according to the code of ethics by PRSA.
  • Develop a comprehensive public relations plan designed address to a specific communications problem.

Course Topics

  • The Basics of Public Relations
  • Using Research Methods for Effective Communication
  • The Publics of Public Relation
  • Public Relations Strategies, Tactics Scheduling and Budgeting
  • PR Measurement and Evaluation
  • Crisis Communication
  • Final PR Plan/Reflections

IMC 618 Faculty

Zac Carrier
Profile: Carrier
Karen Freberg
Profile: Freberg