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Embarking on a graduate degree is a huge decision and you ultimately want it to pay off ... in terms of salary, title, career goals or even personal happiness. Here are some of the top "Is it worth it?" questions we hear from prospective students, and how the M.S. in Digital Marketing Communications degree measures up. Also, see how WVU's online marketing communications graduate programs rank among comparable programs at other institutions.

Is a master's degree worth it?


Digital Marketing Communications


Will I make enough to support my lifestyle and pay my bills?

On average, those working in Digital Marketing Communications have an annual salary of  $63,920. Several professions in this industry have the opportunity to earn more than  $100,000 annually.

Career Prospects

Can I see myself doing the jobs this major leads to?

Digital marketing is shaping the way we consume information, make our purchase decisions, and interact with brands. Are you a digital enthusiast with the ability to adapt to change and innovate? If so, digital marketing communications might be for you. Jobs in this industry are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Content Director

Job Locations

Will I have to move to find work? If so, where?

Marketing Communications roles exist in every industry all over the world, and more and more companies are offering remote work options. In the last 6 months, LinkedIn reports that remote marketing roles have increased by 177%.

Industry Growth

What happens 5, 10 or 20 years from now?

Digital marketing communications is one of the most rapidly growing industries as technology continues to evolve and thrive.  According to the latest projections, digital advertising revenue will surpass 700 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. That is a major increase from 2022 when the industry was valued at $153 billion.

Job Satisfaction

Are marcom professionals happy with their jobs? What is the work-life balance?

Working in Marketing Communications offers upward mobility and the flexibility of a work-life balance, but this is an industry that involves many responsibilities and complexities.

Education Credentials

How important is a master's degree in this industry?

31% of those in digital marketing communications roles have an advanced degree. Digital marketing is ever-changing, so an advanced degree is one way to stay ahead of trends and set yourself apart in the job market.  Source: Stepping Blocks

Is WVU worth it?



Total Credits



Columbia University Strategic Communication On-Campus or Hybrid 36 $91,296 1 Year
Eastern Michigan University College of Business Online 36 $33,786 2 Years (average)
Florida International University College of Communication On-Campus or Online 30 $27,500 1 Year
George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs On-Campus 36 $48,750 2+ Years
Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies On-Campus or Online 33 $50,391 2 - 5 Years
Marist College School of Communications and the Arts Online 30 $27,600 1.5 - 2 Years
New York University School of Professional Studies On-Campus 42 $104,006 2 Years
Northwestern University Medill School On-Campus or Online 39 $69,628 2 Years
Quinnipiac University Online Programs Online 30 $35,175 1 - 2 Years
Syracuse University Newhouse Online or Blended 36 $67,392 15 Months
West Virginia University Reed College of Media Online 30 $22,500 1 - 2 Years or Longer