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Data Marketing Communications Campaigns

DMC 580

This course is required in:

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. This course allows you to peak and show all the skills you learned and tie everything together.
  2. A portfolio worthy piece to show what you have learned in your time in the M.S. Data Marketing Communications program.
  3. Gain the confidence of knowing how to build a real-world campaign.

Course Topics

  • Getting to Know Your Client – Planning Your Research
  • Establishing the Landscape, Market, Industry and Company Overview
  • Targeting, Segmentation and Audiences
  • Primary Research and the Online Survey
  • SMART Objectives, Establishing Budgets, KPI's and Measurement
  • GANTT Charts and Budget Pro Formas
  • Survey Results, Social Proof and Bias
  • Pulling it All Together

WORKLOAD:   (10-15 hours per week)

This course is the capstone experience for the data marketing communications master's degree program. Students develop a cohesive marketing communications campaign that demonstrates both a conceptual and practical mastery of data driven marketing communications. This course must be completed in a student's final academic term.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the elements of a data driven marketing communications campaign.

  • Select data sources that will maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of targeting and segmentation for lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retention activities.

  • Use data analytics to produce strategies and tactics to precisely develop targeted messaging, offers and media selection.

  • Interpret key performance indicators (KPI's) to leverage insights and identify marketing communications opportunities to drive growth.

  • 5. Design an integrated data informed marketing campaign that supports a brand’s sales and marketing objectives.

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Data Campaigns Instructors

Greenglass headshot
Cyndi Greenglass President at Livingston Strategies Read More: Greenglass
Stewart headshot
Neal Stewart Chief Commercial Officer at Dan-O's Seasoning Read More: Stewart