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Ketian Dou

Senior Marketing Leader at Amazon

Ketian Dou teaches in the Digital Marketing Communications program at West Virginia University. Dou received a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of British Columbia (Canada) and subsequently pursued her MBA at the University of Bologna Business School (Italy) on full scholarship. Dou is based in New York and is a senior marketing leader at Amazon. Previously, she worked at Udemy Inc. and participated in the company's IPO journey.

Dou brings diverse perspectives to her teaching, thanks to her experience working in seven countries and various industries (engineering & tech, luxury fashion brands, automobile & mega yachts, real estate, media & PR, education, medical & pharmaceuticals, and non-profit). She has worked as a marketing expert in-house, as a consultant, as well as at media agencies. Dou's past marketing initiatives ranged from 4 to 10 figures, and she believes that marketing tools and mindsets can be leveraged at any scale. She is passionate about building data-informed marketing strategies and ethical explorations.

Meet Ketian

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2:34 Why do you teach in the program?  
4:43 How do you bring the real world into your online classes?  
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