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Digital Marketing Communications Campaigns

IMC 544

This course is required for:

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. Understand the fundamental trends shaping marketing and new frameworks in shift to digital marketing.
  2. Apply knowledge and skills in previous courses to a complete digital marketing communications campaign.
  3. Earn Hootsuite Social Media Platform and Social Marketing Certifications.

Course Topics

  • Background: Get To Know Your Client
  • Situation Analysis: Explain Where Your Client Is Now
  • Objectives: Determine Where Your Client Wants To Be
  • Strategy: Decide What Your Client Needs To Do To Get There
  • Tactics: Choose What Your Client Should Use To Get There
  • Actions: Create And Schedule What Your Client Will Use
  • Evaluation: Select Measures To Monitor Client Success
  • Finalize Your Client’s Plan

WORKLOAD:   (10-15 hours per week)

In this course, you will complete the following industry certification:
Hootsuite Social Media Platform Certification
Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

This course is the capstone experience for the digital marketing communications master's degree program. Students develop a creative, innovative, and complete digital campaign for a selected organization. This course must be completed in a student's final academic term.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the digital marketing communications strategic process.

  • Establish clear objectives relevant to business marketing and digital marketing problems.

  • Identify and apply digital marketing strategies and tactics to meet marketing objectives.

  • Develop an evaluation plan to measure digital marketing communication effectiveness.

  • Design a strategic digital marketing plan that includes a variety of strategies and tactics.

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Digital Campaigns Instructors

Hoot headshot
Justin Hoot Director, Client Services at Someoddpilot Read More: Hoot
Quesenberry headshot
Keith Quesenberry Associate Professor of Marketing at Messiah University Read More: Quesenberry