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Entrepreneurship in IMC

IMC 533

This course is offered in:

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. Understand how to establish a business entity and a support structure for it.
  2. Apply a simple five-step framework to evaluate a new venture idea.
  3. Develop a business plan and understand how to organize under the right legal structure.

Course Topics

  • Is Entrepreneurship for You?
  • Learning from Trial and Error
  • Preparing for Business Startup
  • Identifying New Venture Opportunities
  • Business Plan, Part 1: Building the Plan
  • Growing Your New IMC Venture
  • Business Plan, Part 2: Refining the Plan

WORKLOAD:   (8-10 hours per week)

This course explores what it takes to be a successful integrated marketing communications entrepreneur. Students learn how to assess risk, raise capital, position a new entity, organize, and generate and maintain sales.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze a prospective entrepreneur's level of readiness for entering the world of business ownership.
  • Compare and contrast strategies for effective market research to determine potential business viability and potential.
  • Evaluate new venture opportunities as they apply to your needs and interests.
  • Identify what financial resources and management are needed to start a new venture and how to get funding.
  • Develop, revise and present a business plan proposal for a new integrated marketing communication entity.

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Entrepreneurship in IMC Instructors

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Al Moffatt Marketing, Advertising, Branding Executive Read More: Moffatt