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Celebrating 20 Years of WVU IMC

Harrison Andrews

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications | 2023* 🤞
Greenville, South Carolina
Interactive Video Marketing Manager, AFL
What is your proudest marketing communications moment?
I was raised by an amazing mountaineer, a man who served his community as the local pharmacist and meals on wheels driver for decades. My father instilled in me the value of going first, putting your blood sweat and tears into your work, and going above and beyond no matter the challenge. In the summer of 2020 I lost my father, two days after his passing I had to undertake the largest project in my professional career. There was no other option than going first. Over the next six months I was able to create and deploy an interactive video training solution that empowered front line workers who supported the fiber lines that kept our country’s internet services up and running. Even in the face of extreme adversity I was able to utilize all my skills as a marketer to make a difference during one of the single most challenging times in modern history. I am proud of the work that I accomplished during that period, and I am proud to be a mountaineer! 
What is your superlative?
Most hardworking
Quote you live by
"You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning" — Billy Wilder
Favorite Class in the Program Favorite Faculty Member in the Program