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Executive Comm and Leadership


IMC 648

Workload:   Workload intensity 3 out of 5 (8-10 hours per week)

Examine the changing strategic position of communications within modern businesses and organizations, the importance of communications as a component of executive leadership, and the new imperative that communications deliver measurable results tied to business and organizational goals and objectives.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 648, students will be able to:

  • Construct personal brand through building up strengths as a better speaker, listener, writer, communicator, and strategist.
  • Develop an an executive presence by conducting a 360-degree feedback assessment of the way students are perceived by others.
  • Create best practices in public relations/reputation management through creation of a strategy to establish and leverage relationships with the media personnel that cover the industry.
  • Assess the role of social media, internal communication, media relations, crisis communication, multicultural and multigenerational communications play in public relations/reputation management strategy by dissecting the negative and positive practices of media relations with current crisis management cases.

Course Topics

  • Communications in the C-Suite: Rise of the CCO
  • Are messages and media training the enemy?
  • The Holy Grail Gets More Elusive
  • CEOs As Authors
  • Crisis Leadership From the C-Suite
  • C-Suite on Social Media
  • ROI, Communication’s Achilles Heel
  • Wrap-Up, CEO Branding and the Future of Executive Communications

Earn a Specialization

This course is included in the PR Leadership specialization. 

Instructor Insights


Britt Davenport
Profile: Davenport
Robert Krueger
Profile: Krueger