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Executive Communications and Leadership

IMC 548

Top Three Course Takeaways

  1. Fundamentals of CEO communications and the process for incorporating it into your overall corporate communications strategy.
  2. How to structure a personal branding and communications campaign for your company's leaders.
  3. What tried-and-true tactics are ideal for building a CEO's brand in today's media environment.

Course Topics

  • Introduction & History of Marketing in Higher Education
  • Audience/Objective Segmentation
  • Research & Market Analysis
  • “The Silver Bullet” – The Marketing Mix
  • Messaging/Value Proposition
  • Making the Case – Budget
  • Evaluation/ROI Assessment

WORKLOAD:   (8-10 hours per week)

The course examines the principles of executive communication and leadership within an integrated marketing communications framework. Students explore implications for executive messaging in terms of an organization's media relations, crisis communication strategy, and social media.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Construct a personal brand through building up strengths as a better speaker, listener, writer, communicator and strategist.
  • Develop an executive presence by conducting a 360-degree feedback assessment of the way CEOs and executives are perceived by others.
  • Create best practices in public relations/reputation management through the creation of a strategy to establish and leverage relationships with the media personnel that cover the industry.
  • Assess the role of social media, internal communication, media relations, crisis communication, multicultural and multigenerational communications play in public relations/reputation management strategy by dissecting the negative and positive practices of media relations with current crisis management cases.
  • Develop a budget proposal for communications support including expenses to support execution initiatives and achieve the communications goals of the CEO.

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Executive Communications and Leadership Instructors

Fickel  headshot
Brian Fickel Senior Communications Executive and Advisor Read More: Fickel
Krueger headshot
Robert Krueger Executive Communications Manager for Gensler Read More: Krueger