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WVU’s MCToday explores unique marcom strategies that will help you inform, persuade and inspire your audiences.

Each week we will highlight an emerging or current trend impacting marketers today. Hosted by the faculty of the Data, Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications online graduate programs. The hosts include Matthew Cummings, Whitney Drake, Karen Freberg, Cyndi Greenglass, Susan Jones, Michael Lynch and Nathan Pieratt.

Funnel Radio is our broadcasting network. Our show is LIVE Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.

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Marketing Communications Today by WVU You can do more than survive: crisis communications in the age of crisis featuring Aileen Pincus, president of the Pincus Group

Live Thursday, July 2

A Crisis is sometimes defined as anything that interrupts normal business operations … something Webster says, that brings about a turning point or decisive moment when difficult decisions must be made. Many if not most organizations, companies and leaders understand the need to put a crisis plan in place before the next crisis hits, no matter how unpredictable the actual event might be. My next guest argues that even those entities that carefully prepare crisis plans fail spectacularly when tested because they forget about one key feature of a successful crisis response: COMMUNICATING through it. Without a Crisis Communications strategy she says, your reputation and your very viability might be in jeopardy.

Marketing Communications Today by WVU featuring Edward Segal author & consultant edward segal communications

Live Thursday, July 9

Join Edward Segal, who is an author of three books on public relations, CEO of two trade associations, a PR consultant to 500+ clients and a press secretary to members of Congress and political candidates. 

Marketing Communications Today by WVU Featuring Rex Repass, President, Research America, Inc.

Live Thursday, July 23

Join Rex Repass, president of Research America, Inc. Research America Inc. is a leading market research and consumer insights firm that provides clients the critical knowledge needed to navigate through the complexities of their most important business decisions and challenges.

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Marketing Communications Today Blog

Creating IMC campaigns amidst COVID-19

Marketing and communications during a crisis demand flexibility and adaptability. For the West Virginia University Foundation, that was never more apparent than during the height of COVID-19. The Foundation’s IMC team of 4 had to quickly put together two campaigns in less than a month to help raise emergency funding for students hurt by the pandemic. Learn how this small staff was able to create two compelling campaigns while working remotely and amidst other job responsibilities. Find out what worked and what didn’t, and how under budget constraints, powerful messages were delivered to move donors to donate more than a half-million dollars in one day.

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Why Diversity in the Communications Industry is Critical

Diversity is no longer a nice to have, but a business imperative, especially for the communications industry. Now more than ever, advertising, PR and marketing firms need to be as diverse as the consumers they want to reach. In this podcast, we will explore why diversity is critical to the industry and what agencies are doing to address the challenge.

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Concept Development in IMC: Nothing Just Hits You Out of the Blue

Content marketing is based on research and data management, of course, but then what? Larry Stultz, Ph.D. shares insights on where "Big Ideas" come from and how the creative process is defined by perception, understanding and experience.

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