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Brand Data Collection and Visualization

Brand Data Collection and Visualization (DMC 663) examines key issues in global branding and marketing by understanding the fundamentals in segmentation, positioning and strategy, addressing the importance of culture in consumer behavior and communication and discussing emerging issues in globalization.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DMC 663, students will be able to:

  • Explain the role of context, and leverage this to develop a compelling data story
  • Identify how to declutter graphs to create more visually appealing stories
  • Elaborate on how to create effective visuals for survey data
  • Discuss the essential nonfinancial metrics for brands and how to effectively communicate them visually
  • Explain the essential financial metrics for brands and construct visualizations to communicate them effectively
  • Elaborate on the essential internet metrics for brands and describe how they can be communicated
  • Demonstrate use of the three act narrative structure to formulate your own data story


  • Introduction to Data Collection and Visualization
  • Principles of Decluttering and Effective Visual Formats
  • Visualizing Survey and Qualitative Data
  • Essential Nonfinancial Metrics for Brands
  • Essential Financial Metrics for Brands
  • Internet Marketing Metrics for Brands
  • Putting it All Together: The Presentation
  • Wrap-up


Neelesh Varde
Profile: Varde