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My Marcom Story: Kelly Greathouse


Full-time mom. Full-time job. And… grad school? For Kelly Greathouse, current Data Marketing Communications student, pursuing a graduate degree was not an immediate decision, but it is one she has not regretted since she started the journey. As for choosing WVU for her masters degree? A no-brainer.

“My master's degree was only possible with online options, and West Virginia University has a great reputation of providing quality of education,” Kelly said. “I was so worried about being able to handle all of the course workload, and the intro course gave me the confidence to move forward and go through the rest of the program.”

My master's degree was only possible with online options, and West Virginia University has a great reputation of providing quality of education Kelly Greathouse

With a background in broadcast journalism and TV news, Kelly felt that she had some gaps in her ability to analyze data and use it to build communications strategies. That’s where the Data Marketing Communications program came in. With what she has learned so far in the program, she has been able to implement what she learns immediately into her day-to-day work.

In addition to being a mom, having a full-time job, and pursuing her graduate degree, Kelly is also an ambassador for the WVU Marketing Communications program. In her role as an ambassador, Kelly has produced thought leadership pieces like The Golden Guide to Marketing and Communications, a blog about all the things the Golden Girls have taught us about marketing, and Juggling It All, her philosophy for time management. 

“The relationships I've built with my other ambassadors and then also with other people in the program has been invaluable,” Kelly said. “The most beneficial thing about my time in this program is building connections and relationships with my fellow students and also with the professors.”

Two things that have helped Kelly in her graduate education and time management is advice she offers to everyone considering the programs — plan ahead and work ahead. For more of Kelly’s work as an ambassador, check out our Marcom Today blog.

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