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Campaign Planning and Programmatic Media Buying

Campaign Planning and Programmatic Media Buying (DMC 672) introduces students to programmatic media buying and how the marriage of automation and data has reshaped the media industry. Students learn the different parties involved in programmatic buying and how the technology can be used within campaigns to increase targeting accuracy, efficiency and scale.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DMC 672, students will be able to:

  • Understand the programmatic ecosystem and the resources required to execute programmatic buying.
  • Evaluate and recommend various buying approaches that deliver on campaign objectives and align with brand goals.
  • Ability to build and execute an effective programmatic and data strategy.
  • Identify historic growth drivers for programmatic and how the industry is continuing to innovate and evolve.
  • Understand the business of programmatic buying and the sources of investment and future growth.
  • Discuss the creative opportunities and challenges that programmatic provides.
  • Identify limitations associated with cookie based data and how the industry is evolving to solve for consumer centric marketing.
  • Evaluate the cost/benefits of programmatic from set up, execution and stewardship.
  • Understand how Agency Trade Desks and In House Programmatic buying is evolving with platform growth.
  • Understand the impact of ad fraud and the safeguards used to prevent it.
  • Discuss how media consumption trends are changing programmatic buying and how technology is migrating traditional media to programmatic platforms.


  • The Basics of Programmatic Media Buying
  • Data Management and Optimization
  • Programmatic Eco-System: Beyond the Banner
  • Campaign Planning and The Role of Programmatic
  • Attribution, Accountability and Regulation
  • Taking Programmatic In House vs. Agency Trade Desks
  • New Frontiers for Programmatic
  • Wrap-up


Dennis Flynn
Profile: Flynn
Tzeitel Haviland
Profile: Haviland