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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (DMC 664) will focus on both gathering data from social media as well as customization of messages for maximum social media reach. Students will focus on how marketing communications initiatives succeed and fail in the social media sphere and which data sets can best inform their social media campaigns. Examines the spectrum of how the emergence of data from the social media sphere can be leveraged and applied to marketing communications strategy, planning and execution to reach audiences efficiently and effectively.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DMC 664, students will be able to:

  • Describe how the landscape in which we communicate has forever changed as a result of the Internet and social networking.
  • Explain how successful marketing and communications professionals adopt an “optimization mindset” ever vigilant of their customers behavior and engagement patterns while recognizing that consumers are a new breed.
  • Understand the convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing and explain the essentials of marketers applying persistent effort to social media optimization based a data driven insights.
  • Describe how the understanding of consumer behaviors gleaned through data driven insights can optimize social media campaign performance.
  • Explain the convergence of social media and search engine marketing and apply to marketing communications strategic planning.
  • Compare and contrast the difference between organic and paid social media and develop an organic and paid social media strategy to drive brand visibility.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the social web and why leading brand are investing in equipping influencers, employees and partners to engage in social media to drive visibility for their brand and advance their business goals.
  • Describe semantic analysis, natural language processing and machine learning and apply these techniques using emerging data driven analysis tools for social media discovery, content development and optimization.
  • Explore, navigate and evaluate social networks, use data and insights gained through social intelligence to address target audience segmentation, social media engagement planning.
  • Describe and illustrate how online influence works across the social web and distinguish various types and categories of influencers.
  • Analyze social networks to discover, identify and evaluate online influencers connectivity, credibility and reach.
  • Illustrate how a brand can create and leverage online influence, measure effectiveness of brand position using social media data analytics.
  • Analyze a business topic, evaluate for message development and social media content optimization.
  • Identify ethical best practices for participating in social media, building brand or personal brand advocacy.
  • Examine social media measurement techniques and evaluate the application of measurement approaches to demonstrate business outcomes.
  • Build a business case to secure executive support from leaders, program participants, and other stakeholders in your organization.


  • Introduction to Social Media Optimization
  • Understanding the Foundations of the Social Web and Establishing Trust
  • Convergence of Social Media, Search and Content Marketing
  • Exploring Social Media Analytics and Semantic Analysis to Derive Data Driven Insights
  • Influencer Marketing and Social Media
  • Best practices for Applying Insights Gained Through Social Intelligence to Target Audience Segmentation, Social Media Engagement Planning and Influencer Marketing Programs
  • Setting Goals and Objectives and Measuring Performance and Business Value
  • Wrap-up


Susan Emerick
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