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IMC Specializations

IMC specializations allow you to gain marketing communications expertise within a specific industry area. Fill a knowledge gap in your company or move into an area of interest to you. Pursue a specialization as either an Area of Emphasis in the full IMC master's degree program or as a four-course Graduate Certificate.

An IMC Area of Emphasis adds one course to your M.S. IMC curriculum:




Total Credit Hours


Total Tuition

There are two ways to pursue an IMC specialization:

  • As an Area of Emphasis within the full IMC master's degree program - the AOE consists of four courses; three of these fulfill the elective requirements and the final course is additional to your degree requirements. So, an IMC degree with a specialization requires 11 courses, 33 credits, and adds $2,460 to the total cost of the degree.
  • As a Graduate Certificate - take the four courses as a non-degree seeking student.
AOE vs. Grad Certificate

Available Specializations:

Which is right for you?

All of the IMC specializations are offered as both an Area of Emphasis in the full IMC master's degree program and a Graduate Certificate.

Area of Emphasis

Graduate Certificate

Credential Earned M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate
Number of Courses FOUR
An AOE adds one course to the 10-course IMC program; the other three courses fulfill IMC electives
Format Online, Asynchronous Online, Asynchronous
Perfect For ...
  • Those interested in a well-rounded IMC master's degree with a way to distinguish yourself professionally
  • Those with a bachelor's degree or interest in a particular area that is offered as an AOE
  • Those who already have a master's degree and want to gain skills in a new area
  • Those who are interested in a master's degree, but want to test the waters first (credits earned can be applied to the master's degree at a later date)
Benefits arrowIt’s an automatic way to distinguish yourself professionally.

checkIt gives you specialized knowledge about a vital area of marketing.
Application Process Apply to the Master's Degree in IMC via the WVU online application portal and declare the specific Area of Emphasis. Learn more about applying to the full degree. Apply to the specific graduate certificate using the WVU online application. Learn more about applying to the Graduate Certificate.
Cost check$2,460 per course
Financial Aid The AOE is part of the full IMC master's degree and qualifies for financial aid. The graduate certificate is non-degree-seeking and not eligible for financial aid. Graduates of our IMC, Data and Digital master's degree programs can take courses at a reduced rate.

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