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IMC: Data Marketing Communications

In addition to the full master's degree in Data Marketing Communications, there are two ways to pursue the Data specialization: as an area of emphasis in the full IMC degree program, or as a four-course graduate certificate. Both options prepare you for careers that use data as part of a greater integrated marketing communications strategy. You will use a data-driven approach to bridge the gap between communicators and data scientists and you'll be equipped to implement and refine strategic marketing communications activities.

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You should pursue Data Marketing Communications if ...

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You're interested in:

  • Marketing from a data-driven perspective
  • Learning the basic principles of media and digital analytics
  • Understanding customer analysis, profiling and targeting
  • Segmenting audience strategies
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Your dream job title is:

  • Chief Experience Manager
  • Digital Advertising Manager
  • Digital or SEO Strategist
  • Digital Production Manager
  • New Technology Specialist
  • Innovation Manager
  • Marketing Technologist
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You're looking for:

  • A master's degree program – Data Marketing Communications is an optional area of emphasis in our renowned online IMC master's degree program.

  • A graduate certificate – take the four online Creative Strategy courses to earn a graduate certificate (transfer these into the full M.S. IMC program anytime!).

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Data Marketing Communications Courses

DMC 660: Introduction to Data Marketing Communications

This course will give an introduction to the entire program with a focus on upcoming curriculum and industry trends as well as an overview of campaign management systems available in the market. Students learn how to combine multichannel metrics, baselines, and benchmarks with thoughtful and actionable analysis.

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DMC 661: Audience Segmentation

This course is an analytical exploration of how data can be used to break down mass markets into specific, reachable target markets and how that can impact addressable advertising initiatives. Students will closely examine what demographic data and other key indicators are essential to developing successful campaigns.

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DMC 672: Campaign Planning and Programmatic Media Buying

With this course, you'll survey the automated media buying landscape with a focus on the tools used, risks and rewards of automated media buys. Students will examine which data is best gathered to better inform mass media advertising decisions and understand the connection between how data input affects media buying outlets.

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DMC 673: Campaign Metrics and Assessment

This course explores how data can be used to assess the success, failure or need for modification in advertising and marketing communications campaigns. This course focuses specifically on how metrics and assessment can rely on data for maximum benefit. This course also includes a survey of available metrics and assessment platforms.

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The Data courses prepare you to:

  • Explain the basic principles of marketing, media, and digital analytics
  • Describe how marketers use current analytic methods such as segmentation, profiling, and RFM to deliver ROI for their clients
  • Define the programmatic ecosystem and the resources required to execute programmatic buying
  • Distinguish between the different types of primary and secondary data available to marketers from response data, to compiled and crowdsourced data
  • Design campaign tracking methods and dashboards to assess and improve effectiveness during the marketing communications campaign and communicate with key stakeholders
  • Compare B2B and B2C data requirements and available data modules for targeting, segmentation, and account based marketing
  • Discover how metrics and analysis inform business decision making
  • Identify key performance indicators from a variety of metrics to track the results of a marketing communications campaign

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