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IMC: Digital and Social Media

There are two ways to pursue the Digital and Social Media specialization: as an area of emphasis in the full IMC degree program, or as a four-course graduate certificate. Both options prepare you for careers that use digital and social media as part of a greater integrated marketing communications strategy. From social media best practices to search engine optimization, from web metrics to developing a broader digital ad strategy, this AOE equips students with the skills needed to thrive as digital and social media specialists.

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You should pursue Digital and Social Media if...

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You're interested in:

  • Developing digital and social media strategies
  • Evaluating ROI for digital and social media marketing plans
  • Understanding the digital consumer
  • Grasping the deep connection between storytelling and marketing
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Your dream job title is:

  • Director of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Digital Advertising Manager
  • Digital Production Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Paid Search Specialist
  • Social Media Strategist
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You're looking for:

  • A master's degree program – Creative Strategy is an optional area of emphasis in our renowned online IMC master's degree program.

  • A graduate certificate – take the four online Creative Strategy courses to earn a graduate certificate (transfer these into the full M.S. IMC program anytime!).

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Digital and Social Media Courses

IMC 634: Digital Storytelling

In this course, students design a brand for a product or service and express that brand through a web-based video. This course provides you with the guidelines for how to create a movie that reaches the desired audience. As part of this course, you can expect to be able to design a marketing communication plan and write a production ready script. After taking this course, you will grasp the deep connection between marketing and storytelling.

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IMC 641: Social Media and Marketing

This course examines the latest strategies for monitoring and engaging consumers in social media from a marketing perspective. It explores popular platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, that are used to connect with and analyze target audiences. This course will teach students to evaluate the effectiveness of a social media plan using appropriate and informative metrics for tracking performance.

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IMC 642: Web Metrics and SEO

No doubt one of the most important courses for the Digital and Social Media AOE, the Web Metrics and SEO course covers how marketers strategically gather online information to measure traffic, engagement and potential impact on ROI. It explores search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) strategies used to build an online presence for clients.

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IMC 643: Digital Video Production

This course, in conjunction with the Digital Storytelling course, introduces the technical and conceptual skills needed to create and add videos into integrated marketing campaigns. It walks students through the basics of selecting the best hardware and software for video projects. Students learn the basics of scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing and production, and are responsible for creating a short 2-3 minute video promoting a brand or company of their choice.

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The Digital and Social Media courses prepare you to:

  • Identify, incorporate, and implement digital and social media marketing tactics in an integrated marketing communications strategy
  • Define legal and ethical considerations and federal guidelines associated with digital and social media marketing activities
  • Evaluate ROI for digital and social media marketing plans
  • Plan digital content to utilize on social media sites: i.e. vlogging, video newsletters, short video for social media site production, podcasts, etc
  • Interpret key social media metrics and demonstrate knowledge in tracking social media sites and learn to utilize web analytics tools and SEO in campaign assessment
  • Develop a comprehensive social media marketing comm plan
  • Develop digital content relevant to the target audience for owned, earned, and paid digital and social media channels

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